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Tummy Time! ™ 

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The Method

Method was developed by Michelle Emanuel, OTR/L
and can be defined as the time a baby spends laying on his/her tummy, on a firm, flat surface.

  • Tummy time is so much more than laying on his/her belly. It emphasizes the
    relationship and connection between parent and baby

  • It promotes health, growth, movement, and posture for baby

  • For more information about TTM, please visit

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What is the importance of Tummy Time! 

Here at Kids Thrive Therapy, we have a certified Tummy Time! Method instructor who is trained to teach families how to help their babies enjoy tummy time, facilitate bonding, and attain optimal development of play and movement.

Importance of tummy time:

  • Daily and consistent practice is associated with improved motor milestone achievement

  • Prevents skull deformities and helps correct head shape

  • Decreases acid reflux and gas

  • Improves sensory regulation

  • Promotes self regulation

  • Facilitates social engagement and connection between baby and caregiver

  • Aids in whole body strengthening

  • Strengthens neck and oral motor muscles 

  • Contributes to positive breast, bottle, and feeding outcomes

  • Enhances visual perceptual and visual motor skills

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