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  • Reading and math skills for students with learning disabilities with instructional levels from kindergarten to third grade. 

  • Assist in behavioral and academic strategies

    • On task Behaviors 

    • Verbal/visual cueing systems

    • Memory

  • Advocate for IEP implementation


Email  or call 410 375-1683

Schedule informal evaluation and discuss services. 

Service Location:

Kids Thrive Therapy or Virtual

Competitive rates apply 

Meet Staci Georgiou

Staci Georgiou is a certified special educator. She is also certified as a reading specialist, elementary education teacher, and administrator. Staci has been teaching for over 20 years and has experience as a special educator, classroom teacher, and interventionalist.  She has her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education as well as a Masters of Education in Reading and Masters of Education in Students at Risk. 

Staci is trained in Orton Gillingham as well as other supplemental reading programs that support a variety of learners. These programs are structured, multi-sensory approaches that motivate children to read, spell, and write. Staci has a passion for teaching reading, building perseverance, and working through behavioral challenges that arise in school as well as at home. Staci offers support in building academic skills, strategies, and positive behaviors, that will increase student confidence. 

Staci enjoys spending time hiking, and playing tennis with her family. She is also an avid reader, particularly character studies

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Sometimes the road "less traveled" is imposed and not chosen. The path of the student who learns differently may be an arduous one; but, in the end, it leads to steadfast courage and unbridled success in life.   

Fran Levin Bowman, Ed.D., 2006 

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