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Your Child's Safety & Progress Are Our Priority



The COVID-19 pandemic has created a very rapidly-changing landscape for healthcare providers and patients alike. Here at Kids Thrive Therapy (KTT), the health and safety of our community and team is our top priority. We are working hard to ensure the continuation of occupational therapy services during these uncertain times. Each time your child participates in OT they are working to develop essential skills for engagement in daily roles and routines. In order to continue progressing toward their goals, we are now offering you alternative forms of service, which are Office based services, or Telehealth services, or both. By clicking here you can schedule what works best for you at this time.

​For those of you interested in Office based services, in addition to the universal precautions we have always taken, we are taking many additional precautions to maintain a safe environment for all. 


Here are some things that are different from historical Office based operations:


Masks are optional based on the parents preference. Parents should provide a mask for your child if applicable.

If any member of your household tests positive for Covid-19, including your child, please contact KTT’s management immediately. Please review this link for CDC guidelines:


Our waiting room will be closed until further notice. Parents should please call the front desk upon arrival in our office parking lot and wait in your car.


Our staff will greet your child in the parking lot, and will return the child to you in the parking lot after the treatment session.


Payments to be done with credit card authorization on file or over the phone.


Children (and therapists) to wash hands before, during, and after each treatment session.

We also are asking you to be patient as things evolve! We are closely following the COVID-19 situation and the guidelines suggested by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) and the CDC. We are all anxious to get back to normal and the joyful, friendly, and buzzing OT practice... but we need your cooperation to get there! 

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